Eh… might start blogging again soon.

Hey guys. Today, I came to this site to see I’ve nearly gotten 10k hits on this site o_o. So, all I’ve been doing is playing Epic Duel and stuff, and yesterday I checked out AQW, and was amazed how much it changed after like 4 months without being on. So, I might start blogging again, but for now this site is


AQW News!

Hello everyone! Vicxyz here, with AQW News! I’m sorry this took so long to post, but I was busy today (tennis, violin and such). Now, finally, we can go on to the news. Here, is The Daily Dragon.



The main thing is that the Rock Roc hatches, and you steal Vath’s Chaotic Dragon. Speaking for Chaotic things, I think the Choatic Evolved Dragon (if it gets released that is) should be for DA only. I mean, we DragonLords payed for DragonFable, and we should get more exclusive items. Okay, back on topic. There is a new mini-game that you play as Stalagbite (Vath’s Chaotic Dragon) and you have to defeat the Rock Roc. After that, you get to battle the Rock Roc yourself. This feature is only for members, but I believe we non-members are going to have the same features next week.  Go to the Design Notes to see how to play the mini-game.

The second big thing is that the Dwarf versus Drow War has started. Here’s some pictures of the place:


That is the war zone’s starting area.


There is also a new shop.


Here are where the monsters are.

Alright, this concludes the new AQW News. This is Vicxyz signing off!

Cya Around!


AQW Release is out!

Note: Blue is my text, gold/yellowish color is Design Notes, and this is orange :D

Hello guys! I’m SO sorry I didn’t get to post my news, but everytime I thought to do it, something else comes out. So anyway, I can’t post on the weekends, I have a sleepover tomorrow, and on Sunday, I’ll be busy. So anyway, the release is pretty cool, good for farming. There is a war, plus a mini-game (members only though :?) New armors and weapons at the war zone. The “Roc” also is hatched. Members (I think) can battle it after the mini-game. So, here’s the Design Notes on the release!

The Next Chaos Beast Awakens!
Well… more like “hatches”…
Master of the skies, the Roc is an enormous legendary Chaos Beast once thought to be extinct. Recent discoveries made by Lord Vath have proved otherwise. With his collection of powerful Chaos Gemeralds, Vath can finally unleash the Rock Roc! So… let me ask you… are you ready to Roc ‘n Roll?!

Okay, so the Rock Roc is HUGE. It is the size of a fully-grown dragon! An aerial assault is the only effective way of grounding this bird-of-clay, but the one thing big enough to take on such a creature is Vath’s own dragon, Stalagbite! …wait… you’re actually thinking about stealing Stalagbite?! And you want to fly on his back so you can take down the Rock Roc!?! Are you crazy?! …awesome. You might have what it takes after all!


Rock Roc Mini Game!
The battle against the Rock Roc will occur in two phases: Phase 1 being a Mini-Game and Phase 2 being head-to-head combat. The first Phase will allow you to fly on the back of Stalagbite as you try to take down the Rock Roc without being taken down yourself! The Mouse controls the movements and abilities of Stalagbite:

  • moving the mouse in any direction will move, speed up, or slow down Stalagbite
  • a left mouse click will shoot a fireball
  • holding down the left button and letting go ignites a powerful flame
  • moving to the bottom on the screen will allow Stalagbite to run on the ground and gobble up Drow Archers to replenish Health

Once weakened, the Rock Roc will fall from the sky and you will have to take it on MMORPG style—brute force mixed with magic! This battle will not be easily won and will take much patience and strength (and a whole lot of Mountain Dew)!

New Items!
New weapons and armors ROC! Head over to Snowbeard’s Rep Shop and get your hands on some wicked cool Dwarven Gear! Snowbeard now offers:

  • Dwarf Warrior Armor
  • Red Dwarf Warrior Armor
  • Scorpion Spear (what could this be foreshadowing?)

Dwarf Armor

Dwarves vs. Drow: the War begins!
As if taking down a massively foul Fowl isn’t dangerous enough, Dwarves have declared War against the Drow! Dwarfhold Mountains belong to the Dwarves and you and your friends must do everything in your power to see that their home is returned! But Wars are no picnics (if they were, everyone would be a lot happier!); the Drow have called their comrades to battle as well! Taking down Chaos Draconians amongst the Drow is not going to be an easy task… especially since Vath’s most trusted general, D’wain Jonsen the King Scorpion Lord, is leading the crusade! YIPES!

So, grab your axes, swords, daggers, staffs, polearms, (and of course, the beastly Blade and Wickedness and Trident of Storm (my favorite weapons :lol:)) and I’ll be joining on you guys on Monday, and I’ll TRY MY BEST to get my post out on Monday. Thanks for your patience, and I hope your forgive me for not posting the news for last week.

Cya Around


Release is out!

Hello guys, the new release is out and there is a lot of exciting stuff for you to do! First, you sneak around into Vath’s Lair, but what happens? A traitor betrays you and you get locked out in a prison! What happens next? Find out more by playing the game! Here’s the Design Notes post filling in all the released items and things to do:

Tonight’s Release
Meet Lord Vath face-to-face!…Kinda
Do you have what it takes to enter Lord Vath’s chamber? Are you prepared to face what is inside? You do realize what will happen if you get caught, right? Are you sure you wanna go in there? …Alright. Just keep in mind that Vath is a Lord of Chaos after all, and he is bound to have a few tricks up his DragonLord armored sleeve! Let’s just hope that everyone you met along the way isn’t a traitor… *shudder* oh, I have a bad feeling about this… Let’s say hypothetically that you do get caught by Lord Vath. The outcome will not be pretty. You’ll probably get thrown into Prison… but hey, spending quality time behind bars has its perks. You can always meet the inmates and help devise an escape plan! But where there is a Prison, there is always a Prison Warden… and Prison Wardens are the boss (hypothetically, of course)!

Mick Guyver, the Dwarven Engineer
Best known for creating amazing concoctions out of odd-ball things, Mick Guyver is one dwarf to have on your side. His whereabouts are currently unknown*, but if you do find him, take the time to say hello; you never know what crazy inventions he might need your help with! He also has a secret shop that sells 14 brand-new Dwarfhold-themed house items, including:

  • Stalactite Chandelier
  • Mine Cart Bathtub
  • Dwarfhold Door Replica
  • Stone Throne
  • Potty-Trained Llamas

A new Cave House has been added to Penny’s Real Estate Shop, too! This two-room home is built into the side of a mountain and features a scenic view!

Cave House

*We actually know where Mick Guyver is, but we are sworn to secrecy by the Dwarf himself.

New Items!
How monsters get a hold of Gold and Weapons? Beats me. Regardless, the monsters of Dwarfhold have somehow acquired a new shipment of weapons! We did, however, find a wrinkled-balled-up-slightly-torn Shipping Invoice in Vath’s trashcan that listed the monsters’ orders! Convenient, right?

  • Amadeus ordered a new dagger: Claw of the Shrew
  • Albino Bats received 2 new types of Cricket Bats
  • Glow Worms now have 5 multiple-colored GlowSticks
  • Balboas received 2 new Rocky Clubs
  • Axe of the Prospector was also ordered for Balboas

Snowbeard also got a new shipment in (Fed-Axe must be working double time)! A new Dwarven Engineering Armor is available for purchase, but you will have to be pretty reputable with Dwarfhold to wear this gear!

Dwarf Warden

Drow Heads?
Well… not quite. Well… kinda. The Drow in Dwarfhold are dropping what we like to call “head morphs.” When placed upon your head, these magical helms transform your face, eyes, ears, and hair into that of a Drow! There are 5 new Drow Head Morphs to collect; some would say that this is one way to get a head in life!

As you can see, many new items are out and there all pretty cool too! Go get your glowsticks, clubs, head morphs and have a good time! My version of the post will be released on Monday (I might be able to post a few things over the weekend though!), so stay tuned!

Cya Around


AQW News

Hello guys, sorry for not posting for so long, but sometimes I’m just too darn lazy :lol:! I have decided that I probably won’t post DF News anymore, as I don’t play it as often. Sorry for all of those fans out there, but hey, posting about something that you don’t actually play all too much isn’t that fun, and DF isn’t all too hard to figure out either. Well, here is the AQW News!


There is the Daily Dragon.


Since there are new zones, they updated the map.


Here is part of Snowbread’s Shop.


At BattleOn, there is a Drow person with a shop.


Here is the shop.

The UpperCity has been unlocked, here is a picture of it:


I’ve been thinking if I should post the quest requirements, so here’s a poll for you:

Please vote on the poll, the poll is the real thing that will make me post or not post the quest requirements.

Thanks for reading this post!

Cya Around!


Kreath Showed us Preview’s

Vicxyz: Gosh, I’m so freaking lazy… I WILL post today, if not on Monday! I’m so sorry for the people that still visit this site!

At 1:00 am est kreath showed us all sorts of weps and stuff like blade of awe and stuff i didn’t get all the weapons and amrmour’s but here they are and by the way the big char page ting is shadow lich (Tone you were right there was a sneeviltron armour XD) (click to enlarge)

Kreath Preview's

Kreath Preview's

3rd Lord of Chaos & Other’s

Vicxyz: I was going to post this… oh well, I’ll add this up later we’re a bit busy painting our house…

Recently I have just got some pictures of the 3rd lord of chaos and other stuff from Cysero’s twitter, first off is the third lord of chaos,Chaos Dragonlord Vath, he’s an elf with with corrupted evolved dragonlord so he can control dragon’s like the corrupted one in the picture below,

The Third Lord Of Chaos

The Third Lord Of Chaos

Also they are adding a old character called Geopatra you might remember her from DragonFable a look of her AQW form

Geopetal That’s it for now!



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